Backflow Prevention

The City of Winter Garden is dedicated to providing a safe water supply to its customers. The purpose of the backflow prevention program is to protect the public water system from potential hazards to the health of its customers.


The goal is to eliminate existing and potential cross connections between the water supply and any drain lines, piping systems or containers containing possible contaminants. Backflow prevention devices are required where potable water service is connected to a property with wells, irrigation, fire sprinkler system, or other non-potable commercial/ industrial use. Bypass jumper connections and other temporary connections through which backflow may occur, are also considered to be cross-connections.

Water distributions systems are designed so that water flows in one direction - from the treatment plant to the customer. Backflows may occur when the water is flowing in the opposite direction from the normal flow, such as when hydrants are opened or during repairs to a broken water main.


To ensure that all backflow prevention devices are maintained in working condition, they are required to be tested annually by a Florida Certified Backflow Tester (PDF). It is the responsibility of the property owner to have this test done and to make sure that a copy of the test report is sent to the City. Like fastening your seat belt or putting on a life jacket, backflow prevention is a safety measure against events that may occur.