Planning & Zoning


Zoning regulates development through land use classifications and dimensional standards. Typical land use classifications included single-family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and recreational. Each land use must comply with dimensional standards that regulate the height, bulk and area of structures. These dimensional standards typically take the form of setbacks, side yards, height limits, minimum lot sizes, and lot coverage limits.


The City’s zoning regulations are found in Chapter 118 of the City’s Code of Ordinances. The City’s Code of Ordinances is codified and maintained by the Municipal Code Corporation. Check with the Planning Staff for any recent zoning ordinances that may not have been codified yet.


The zoning map shows the various zoning districts throughout the City which correspond to specific land uses as dictated by the Zoning Code. The City’s Zoning Map (PDF) may be viewed by residents.

Comprehensive Land Use Planning

Regulation Act

The Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act (Chapter 163, Part II of the Florida Statutes) - also known as Florida's Growth Management Act - requires all of Florida's 67 counties and 410 municipalities to create and adopt comprehensive land use plans that guide future growth and development. 

Comprehensive plans contain chapters or "elements" that address: 

  • Capital improvements
  • Conservation
  • Future land use
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure (potable water, sanitary sewer, storm water, etc)
  • Intergovernmental coordination
  • Public schools
  • Recreation and open space
  • Transportation


These comprehensive plans undergo a review every seven years through an Evaluation and Appraisal Report. The comprehensive plan is then updated based on the findings in the Evaluation and Appraisal Report. This review and update of on the City’s comprehensive plan was recently completed. The City’s comprehensive plan, City Plan 2020, and Future Land Use Map are available for residents to view. 

Department of Community Affairs Notice of Intent

The Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA) issued a Notice of Intent (NOI) to find the City’s recent update to the comprehensive plan in compliance with Florida Statutes. View the NOI (PDF).

Seminars & Workshops

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West State Road 50 Commercial Corridor

The West SR 50 Commercial Corridor overlay was adopted with the intent to provide direction for the beautification of the corridor and provide for quality development and redevelopment along with maximizing traffic circulation opportunities as well as encouraging alternative modes of transportation. The SR 50 Commercial Corridor Overlay ordinance may be found here.

Development Review Committee

The Development Review Committee (DRC) is made up of City Staff from various disciplines to review development applications and submittals including site plans, subdivision plats, construction plans, development agreement, and other development orders and applications. All submittals for the DRC are made through the Planning and Zoning Division. 


The DRC meetings occur on every other Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m. in Commission Chambers at City Hall as needed, and a meeting agenda will be posted in advance of the meeting.  

View current and past DRC meeting agendas

Planning & Zoning Board

The Planning and Zoning Board is made up of seven citizens appointed by the City Commission. 


The Planning and Zoning Board meetings occur on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Commission Chambers at City Hall.  

View current and past P&Z meeting agendas

Land Development Code

The Land Development Code contains development-related regulatory information. Included are definitions of zoning districts, permitted uses in zoning districts, requirements for specially regulated uses, development plan review process, environmental management, and special area plans. The City’s Land Development Code is found in the City’s Code of Ordinances and can be found on the Municipal Code website.


The City’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is a public entity created by the City under provision found in the Florida Statutes to implement community redevelopment activities. It is governed by a separate appointed board of directors. The Winter Garden Community Redevelopment District has been in place since 1992. The District covers the City’s historic downtown area as well as the area east of downtown along Plant Street to SR 429.

A CRA is created when the governing body finds one or more areas within the city that are in "slum" condition and have a need to rehabilitate, conserve and redevelop that area. After the CRA is created, the board, along with the agency, is required to prepare and adopt a redevelopment plan, which includes a detailed description of the boundaries for a redevelopment area.