Do I need a garage/estate sale permit and what are the requirements for having a garage/estate sale?

Garage Sale:

A garage sale shall not last more than two consecutive days. A garage sale may not be conducted by any resident, including a representative of a resident, more than once every six months, except one garage sale may be conducted within six months from the last garage sale if the garage sale is due to the sale of the residential property. For purposes of this article, the term "resident" shall be deemed to include all or any persons within the household.

Sign requirements:

One sign with a maximum area of three square feet in size and up to six feet in height may be posted at the site of the garage sale or estate sale, and two directional signs with a maximum area of one and one-half square feet in size may be posted. The directional signs shall be placed so that the total height above the ground level does not exceed two feet and may be placed behind the street curb or beyond the edge of the street in the public right-of-way provided vehicular and pedestrian traffic is not obstructed. Sign placement is subject to removal or relocation by a property owner if placed on said property owner’s property without said property owner’s permission. Signs may not be attached to any city traffic sign or traffic control device, walls, fences, trees, or utility poles. Neighborhood or citywide garage sale events may utilize other approved signs by obtaining a special event permit. Signs not meeting the criteria described in this paragraph are subject to removal and disposal by the city. The foregoing signs shall be removed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the garage sale or estate sale as the case may be.

Additional information is available on the Municipal Code Website:

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