What is the order of registering my business with the State, County and City?

When creating a new business there are several steps that must be done and the order can be confusing.  

After you have completed a  LAND USE REVIEW and received an approval, then you are ready to following the below steps:

Here is the order for most business operations:

  1. STATE LEVEL: You must complete and fully process any/ all state level requirements for your business operation:
    1. Creating a business name (any name other than your legal name for the business must be registered and fully executed at the state level, see sunbiz.org for these details) 
    2. Obtain a Federal Employees Identification Name (FEIN) required when creating a Corporation, LLC, Incorporated, etc.
    3. Certain types of businesses must obtain a Sales Tax number/ or Sales Tax exemption, etc. (see Department of Revenue for these details)
    4. If there are state level agency documents required for your business operation, these must be processes prior to registering the business with the city/ county (i.e. Health Department, Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR), Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, etc., please contact state level agency for specifics and details)
  2. CITY LEVEL: Register at the City level for a Local Business Tax Receipt
  3. ORANGE COUNTY LEVEL: After you have the City of Winter Garden Local Business Tax Receipt, you then are required to register with the Orange County Local Business Tax office at 200 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 1600, Orlando, FL 32801, 407-836-5650 or email at Orange County Business Tax information

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