Do I have to renew my business tax receipt each year?

Yes, it is the business owner's responsibility to renew the local business tax receipt each year in a timely manner.  Renewals are due on or before September 30th of each year. The city will mail out courtesy renewal notices at the end of July each year based on the mailing address that we have on file.  The business tax year cycle is from October 1st through September 30th of each year and needs to be renewed annually.  

The annual fee is pro-rated after April 1st for a half-year based on date of registering the business and when the business was opened for operation/ lease agreement date.  

The renewal period is August 1st - September 30th each year.  

There are late penalty fees for past due renewals with the following schedule: 

  • October 10% 
  • November 15% 
  • December 20% 
  • January or later 25% penalty added to base fee

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