What is a site plan?

A site plan identifies details on drainage, water, sewer, boundary lines, existing or proposed easements, parking areas, buildings, and road construction. A site plan is required for all proposed industrial, commercial, or multi-family development that adds more than 300 sq.ft. of building or 500 sq.ft. of asphalt/concrete and for all new or alterations of communication towers. Specific items to be reviewed include proper lot drainage, pipe sizing and location, proper road construction, and proper sized retention ponds and stormwater calculations. Site plans less than or equal to 25,000 square feet shall require review and approval by the Development Review Committee (DRC). Site plans greater than 25,000 square feet of land area shall also require City Commission approval after DRC review and approval. Site plans expire 365 days after the approval date if building permits for the principal structure have not been issued. The City Engineer may approve an extension one time for a period not to exceed an additional 365 days.

Click here for Application for Site Plan Approval.

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