Winter Garden Fire Rescue’s Annual Santa Run

Santa Run - Firefighters

Winter Garden Fire Rescue’s annual “Santa Run” brings Santa and his sleigh through City neighborhoods. The moving parade takes place between 5:45-9:00 pm each as Santa, along with his firefighter, police, and city helpers spread holiday cheer, music, and treats along the way.

Santa Run Schedule 2021:

Monday, Dec. 13/North West Winter Garden

Tuesday, Dec. 14/ North East Winter Garden

Wednesday, Dec. 15/South Winter Garden: West CR 545 Corridor

Thursday, Dec. 16/South Winter Garden: East CR 545 Corridor

Friday, Dec. 17/South Winter Garden: CR 535 and Daniel’s Road Corridor

Saturday, Dec. 18/South Winter Garden: Beulah and Windermere Road Corridor

Alternate date is December 20 if weather interrupts one of the visits.

Please check Santa's nightly route map to see the estimated time of Santa’s arrival and/or to find a location near you to go see Santa’s parade. (Due to significant growth of Winter Garden, not all neighborhoods or streets can be accommodated.) Maps will be posted as soon as received from the North Pole.

Due to safety concerns, please refrain from parking on the street during your neighborhood’s Santa Run. Street parking, especially parking on both sides of street, may prohibit the parade from going down a street.